NW Oregon Waterfall Engagement Session | Jason + Olga

When Jason & Olga first reached out to me about their summer engagement session, they knew they wanted a waterfall location. It was a must! And with over 238 waterfalls in Oregon to choose from, there were plenty of options. (Check out another Oregon Waterfall Engagement Session on the Blog here!) Jason + Olga chose a waterfall that was not your typical location for an engagement session but is very popular with hikers and was a fun adventure.

The Location

This waterfall engagement session included a 1.5 mile round trip hike and time at the beautiful waterfall. We arrived early before the parking lot was full to begin our hike. Jason and Olga were able to hike in their first outfit for their session so we could do photos en route (which is my preference for hiking sessions). While the hike was a bit steeper and it was a hotter day than we might have expected, it was still so worth it!

The Session

The photos may not show it, but we were in fact sharing this location with at least a dozen other hikers on this summer morning. Sharing a space is always important and something I prepare my couple’s for. Whether you are hiking to an iconic location in the gorge or a remote area in a national forest, you bet there will be other hikers there especially in the summer in Oregon. Jason and Olga were such good sports and since we had already chatted about what they wanted and I was told that Jason would most likely be shy, my goal was to make sur they had a super fun time while getting all the great photos they wanted.

I also had a lot of fun because from our initial video calls and chatting along our hike, I was able to have a fun banter with Jason which put him at ease. And while I knew Olga wanted a lift photo, I made sure to ease into that with Jason. Doing photos while a dozen or so people are watching is one thing but to do a lift and other things that might feel ‘silly’ is another. Not too worry – I got you! And Jason knocked it out of the park and even got a full round of applause by all onlookers with his successful lift – how many people can say that?? 😉

Interested in your own Engagement session? Want to make it an adventure and include a hike? No problem! There are so many beautiful places to explore and I would love to chat with you about your own engagement session! You can reach out directly HERE. Also, stay tuned for Jason + Olga’s Fall wedding with Mt. Hood views – it was gorgeous!

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  1. Sienna says:

    Love these Falls! Such a pretty place to shoot elopements, and engagement sessions! Gorgeous!

  2. Laura says:

    These images are beautiful! I am jealous that Oregon has all of these amazing waterfalls!

  3. Stacy says:

    Such beautiful and fun images!! Oregon waterfalls are such beautiful backdrops for photos of couples. 🙂

  4. Karen Agurto says:

    I’m obsessed. You captured the magic of this waterfall engagement so beautifully.

  5. Claire Hunt says:

    AH! Oregon is absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe there are over 200 waterfalls there! So stoked to visit in May, and you capture this session beautifully!

  6. Ok that red dress is amazing! It just looks so perfect and really stands out against the forest and waterfall.

  7. Had no idea there was 238 waterfalls in Oregon! Great work capturing their day Ann 📸

  8. Kate Hampson says:

    238 waterfalls?!!!!
    These are so beautiful, I’d love to your photos from all 238 of those falls <3.

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