Traveler. Beach lover. Book nerd. Hiker. Photographer by day..

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..and Microbrew + Food enthusiast by night. I am your down to earth, hopeless romantic, wedding and elopement photographer - Ann Marie! 

I live for those real moments and emotions. Getting to know you and your love story is essential to me. Because I don't just want to document your day, but provide you with an amazing wedding photography experience and authentic photos of your unique day.

You and your love story always come first! And I am here to assist you along the way with planning assistance, chatting logistics and brainstorming how to incorporate more of 'you' into your unique day! 

it's all about the feels and capturing your truest love.

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment your ideal wedding or elopement. Imagine the sights and sounds. Who will be there with you? What does your day include? How do you want your day to feel? And what memories do you want to make? 

These are the questions I care about as I learn more about you and your dream day. Haven't had a chance to dive into all of this yet? No problem! I live and breath weddings & Elopements and am happy to walk you through all the things as they specifically relate to your unique day and experience.





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years of experience being a vital part of your overall wedding experience. I have been married for 13 years and can honestly say that if I knew the things I know now, I would have had a very different wedding experience. While I don't necessarily have any regrets (love my hubby!) it just would have been a lot more fun and more 'us', you know? That is one of the reasons why I like to go above and beyond to ensure you have an amazing wedding experience that goes just as you planned it to. 

...goes beyond photography. In addition to photographing your day or multi-day event, I am an overall wedding and elopement resource from the time of booking on. Exactly what that looks like will depend on you and your unique day and I would love to dive into that with you on your consultation call with me!

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"I cannot recommend Myrtle Creative Co and Ann Marie highly enough! Beyond our beautiful photos, she was an incredibly helpful and kind resource throughout our planning (and re-planning) process and we could not be more thrilled with her service."

-Brian + Olivia

2024 Travel

Olympic National Park
Samuel Boardmen Scenic Corridor
North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park
Mt. Rainier National Park
Bend, OR
Yachats, OR

Mt. Baker Wilderness
Mt. Rainier National Park
Zion National Park

I love traveling and have made it a core part of my life. My husband and I are nomadic/snowbirds and have been for 4+ years. I am a native Oregonian and am still based in NW Oregon for much of the year, with seasonal travel to Arizona/Utah areas. 

Check back in for Travel updates as my travel schedule gets more finalized for 2024. 

Inquire for Availability at one of these locations while I will already be there!

"Ann Marie was hands down the most valuable vendor of our wedding. The amount of energy and help she provided is beyond words."

-Zane + Annie

What makes me

Attention to Details. From the start I am noting all those special details that make you, you! And thinking of ways to incorporate them into your wedding experience.

Organized, Planner Mindset. I am all about having a fun relaxed day, but when will the fun be starting? Where are we heading? What time is sunset? ;) These are all the things I put together to create an awesome experience for you!

Creative Storytelling. Your day is unique to you and I love that! Customizing how I document your day to capture your most authentic self is what I live for. 

Open Book. I want you to have the best day possible and will gladly share any and all info to help your dream day come to life!

Can-do Attitude! Have some bumps in the road during planning or day of? No problem! We are going to make this work and better yet - we are going to make it awesome!

Love Forward Thinking. In everything, your love story and relationship together come first. :)

Communication is key! From inquiry to photo delivery and beyond - clear, real and honest communication is a staple of Myrtle Creative Co!

Experience. Let's face it, I have been doing this for a while. I have connections, tons of ideas, insight, am reliable and I have been married for 13 years so I get the many facets of a long-term relationship. 

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