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With 238 waterfalls within Oregon alone, it is no wonder that hiking to a waterfall is so popular in the Pacific Northwest! No matter your skill level or area, there is a waterfall that can be found. It is just a matter of selecting which waterfall to go to for your waterfall engagement session.

Andrew and Tricialee have a love for hiking so naturally, it had to be included in their Oregon waterfall engagement session. This hike in particular is not for the faint of heart. In fact, I don’t like mentioning this actual waterfall by name simply because if you don’t know where the trailhead is, you could easily get lost. (If you do your research, you will be better prepared for this adventure!)

Having someone guiding you is highly recommended when it comes to this trail. Not pictured are the sections of trail requiring hands-free while going down a rope and then climbing back up. Areas can be very slick in the rainy months and best accessed in late Spring to early Fall.

Their dog Mikey was along for the session and braved the trail with us all as well! Tricialee carried him in his hiking backpack and he did great! Want to bring your fur-baby to your session? Yes, please! (Just let me know!) They are always more than welcome!

Abiqua Falls Waterfall Engagement Session in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon

The Location

This location was actually Plan C for their engagement session. They hail from California so we had planned to meet up with them there in the winter of 2020. Unfortunately, the weather was not in our favor so we opted instead for the Spring of 2020. We were going to hit up a gaming arcade and a waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge for a super special session. And then Covid entered the picture. In short, arcades were closed, the Columbia River Gorge was closed, and traveling for them wasn’t really an option in the Spring. Finally, summer rolled around and they opted for Plan C. I provided a handful of waterfall hike options and this was the one they picked. After being cooped up in our houses for so long, it felt so good to get out for a good hike by the time this came to pass, difficult or not. 😉

The Session

These two are some of the most expressive, fun people I know and we all had so much fun. In between just enjoying the great outdoors, chatting about all things wedding planning for their re-planned day (click here to see their wedding), we found joy in all the things. It was a memorable and wonderful afternoon at their Oregon waterfall engagement session.

Abiqua Falls Waterfall Engagement Session in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon
Abiqua Falls Waterfall Engagement Session in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon
Abiqua Falls Waterfall Engagement Session in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon
Abiqua Falls Waterfall Engagement Session in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon
Abiqua Falls Waterfall Engagement Session in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon
Abiqua Falls Waterfall Engagement Session in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon
Abiqua Falls Waterfall Engagement Session in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon
Abiqua Falls Waterfall Engagement Session in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon

This couple is so important to me and I so quickly became attached to them. I am so grateful that I was there to not only capture this gorgeous Oregon waterfall engagement session, but that I was able to capture their wedding day as well. It was a tough hike but at the end SO worth it.


“This is a bit of an emotional review for me, because none of our weddings, NONE of it, would’ve happened if it wasn’t for Ann Marie. She was and is a treasure. Leading up to our wedding on 9/3/2020, she was our rock for my now husband and me. We booked her a year in advance, and what sold us wasn’t just their style of photography, but our video chats with her and her lovely husband Adam. She answered all our questions and was very straightforward, and they were fellow Metallica fans, big win!

It’s because of Ann Marie we got THE BEST VENDOR TEAM EVER. She suggested so many of the vendors we hired, from our florist to our videographers to our DJs, and I cannot thank her enough for these suggestions and for being honest with them too. She has been doing this long enough that she remembers and KNOWS who is the best, and I love her so, so much for this. Ann has been with us the whole way when we had plans change because of the pandemic and all the chaos that followed. She was the one who calmed us down, reassured us, and kept our spirits up.

It took us 3 tries to get our engagement photos done, and together as a couple and with Ann, we did the hardest hike of our lives, all the way down to Abiqua Falls and she got my future husband SO relaxed and calm that she was able to capture the best photos ever of the two of us. We couldn’t WAIT for our wedding day after that engagement shoot. Ann went beyond the call of duty on our wedding day. She was in contact with EVERYONE. She had a timeline that we pretty much all used from the get-go.

It was perfectly spaced out and had enough time for any type of screw-ups to happen (which did on our wedding day as we showed up 30 minutes late to the venue, but we had planned for any screws up — big tip, fellow brides: ALWAYS ADD BUFFERS). She was there in the bridal suite helping hang up clothes, check our hair, cracking jokes, offering bottles of water, holding things, calming nerves… I mean, WHO DOES THAT?? Even for the reception, she was ON it, asking for water for others, checking in with folks, I was like, in awe of her. I’m still in awe of her — and her husband!! Their banter together was the best.

Fellow COVID brides, hire Ann and her husband. If you’re an adventurous bride especially one who LOVES to hike and wants to get the most gorgeous photos Oregon and Washington or anywhere in the PNW has to offer — and it has a LOT to offer. Ann Marie and Adam are the photographers you want. I can’t wait to book them again for our 1 year anniversary and our big ol’ reception and whatever events or photography needs we have in the future. They are the BEST!!”

-Tricialee + Andrew

Myrtle Creative Co. is your boutique Wedding Photographer company where your love + wedding experience come first. Ann Marie provides custom planning assistance, vendor referrals, itinerary creation and so much more so you can have the day of your dreams. Reach out today for your Wedding Photography needs!

  1. Such a great waterfall engagement session! It’s amazing that you had it all to yourselves as well!

    Love the colours too!

  2. Kelly Shoul says:

    wow that waterfall is so neat looking!! i love it! you captured this oregon waterfall engagement session so perfectly! stunning photos! i bet the couple is super happy with these 🙂

  3. Sanne says:

    What a great location! I love all the photos. They look stunning!

  4. Stacie says:

    I love the textures of that waterfall in particular. One of my favorites in Oregon for sure! Beautiful waterfall engagement photos!

  5. Ryan Cronin says:

    Such an epic Oregon Waterfall Engagement Session! absolutely beautiful photos, they definitely are expressive and you captured them perfectly! a must for anyone Eloping or looking for an adventure session!

  6. David Tam says:

    Wow… this location is absolutely stunning! I had the pleasure of hiking through the Columbia River Gorge a few years ago and it was SUCH an adventure. It was pouring rain, but since I was on vacation, rescheduling was not an option. We literally walked THROUGH waterfalls and along frozen trails. Thanks for reminding me of the beauty of Oregon 🙂

  7. What an epic and beautiful location! I’ve been meaning to check this spot out for a while! Beautiful work!

  8. Thijsiena says:

    This ist such a beautiful Enganement session. I’m a big fan of waterfalls since i was in new zealand but oregin seems to have it as well. amazin!

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