How to Elope in Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast

Eloping is a magical alternative to a traditional wedding and creates a much more intimate, unique and adventurous setting that is sure to not disappoint. One of the many beauties of eloping is the ability to get married pretty much anywhere you can imagine! Today, I will be covering one of my personal favorite wedding or elopement destinations in the Pacific Northwest – an Oregon Coast Elopement at Cannon Beach. I’ll be covering all that’s legally required to get married at this location and how to do so in a way that won’t be harmful to the area as well as providing tons of inspiration for your very own day!


In order to legally be married in Oregon, you will need an ordained officiant, two legal age witnesses, and your Oregon marriage license in hand. Since 2020, more counties have allowed for online applications for getting your license. Please see the most up-to-date information for Multnomah County (the county of the Portland International Airport in the event you are traveling to Oregon) here.


If having less than 50 guests, no structures, and not prohibiting the public from also accessing the area used, then you probably do not need a permit. If you are planning a larger event you can apply for a special use permit HERE and find more resources HERE. Also it is always best to check and review the rules by Oregon State Parks as they may change. If planning on using chairs or structures you can contact the Coastal Region Office at (541)563-8500 to learn more about a special use permit for your specific elopement. When in doubt, it’s always best to ask if unsure.

Also, note that in the Summer months, permits are not given out for Friday – Sunday dates at iconic location such as Cannon Beach. Again, please contact and ask all the questions ideally at the start of your planning. The easiest elopement on the Oregon Coast would include only a handful of guests (or no guests) for a standing ceremony with no structures.


This one might seem like an unnecessary question but there are distinct different areas of Cannon Beach to choose from for your day. Haystack Rock is the best known feature and encompasses the busiest area of the beach usually. While it is a not to miss area, if wanting a quieter section of the beach for a private ceremony then you might be interested instead in Chapman Point (on the north end and see a blog example HERE) or Silver Point (on the south end). Or why choose one? And instead plan for a fun day exploring the entire Cannon Beach area! With first look, ceremony, private first dance and more all along the beach! For more information and a peak into the planning process of your elopement check out my Elopement Planning blog, click here!

Cannon Beach Haystack Rock Elopement on the Oregon Coast in Cannon Beach, Oregon


Weather on the Oregon Coast can be fickle and change often. Photos seen in this blog are from a weekend in May where further inland it was sunny and in the 80’s but a cold front was already coming in on the coast. In general, October – May will usually be wet and varying degrees of cold. June – September are my recommended months for catching great weather on the coast and some wonderful blue sky.

However there will always be a chance of sea fog, wind, mist and more on the Oregon Coast throughout the summer months and beyond. I have experienced beautiful days in the winter and chilly wet days in the summer. No matter the month, being prepared with coat options and ready to get wet is always recommended!

All this to say, choose a month that has a better chance of having the kind of weather you are wanting for your day and come prepared for all the things. In addition to thinking about the weather, also think about the time of day. I am a big proponent of sunsets on the Oregon Coast and not missing them. However, if wanting a quiet and more private event then early morning might be for you! Want both? I do offer split days that include a mid-day break so you can have the best of all things or a full day enjoying the Oregon Coast.


Practicing Leave No Trace’s Seven principles when out enjoying the great outdoors and especially while eloping allows for minimum impact when visiting these beautiful places. We all love the Oregon coast and want to keep it awesome for many years to come.

For elopements specifically, this can mean no tossing/littering of items on the ground to celebrate your marriage, no bouquet toss from a sea cliff into the ocean, and in general please pack out what you pack in. When in an area that has designated paths, please stick to the path. You can read more about the seven principles and how they might apply to your day here. This is a great way to do your part to keep the Oregon Coast gorgeous for all!


Below are some photos to fill you with inspiration for your very own Oregon Elopement on Cannon Beach at Haystack Rock. Your Elopement can be as formal or as casual as you’d like so that your day is formed to best fit you as a couple! From your wedding attire, florals, to how you choose to spend your day – customize it to truly fit you! Looking for ideas to make your day extra special? Check out my complete guide including 100 Activities for your Elopement or Wedding Day, click here!

Cannon Beach Haystack Rock Elopement on the Oregon Coast in Cannon Beach, Oregon
Cannon Beach Haystack Rock Elopement on the Oregon Coast in Cannon Beach, Oregon
Cannon Beach Haystack Rock Elopement on the Oregon Coast in Cannon Beach, Oregon
Cannon Beach Haystack Rock Elopement on the Oregon Coast in Cannon Beach, Oregon
Cannon Beach Haystack Rock Elopement on the Oregon Coast in Cannon Beach, Oregon
Cannon Beach Haystack Rock Elopement on the Oregon Coast in Cannon Beach, Oregon


Not sure if Cannon Beach is the best location for your elopement? Understandable! The Oregon Coast is a gorgeous area of the west coast including many beaches that have much to offer. Whether you want a forest, beach, waterfall or all in one – it can be done! Check out my blog post about Eloping on the Northern Oregon Coast, click here.

Wanting to have an engagement session on the Oregon Coast or on Cannon Beach? Click here to check out Rick + Ellie’s engagement session for some inspiration! No matter if you are eloping, want family photos, your engagement photos or simply a fun day after session after your wedding day – the Oregon Coast is a wonderful location! And one of my favorite areas. 🙂 I would love to chat with you about your photography needs for you upcoming adventures at the Oregon Coast! Click Here to contact me.


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