100 Activities for your Elopement or Wedding Day

Are you ready to think out of the box and create a complete experience for your Elopement, Micro Wedding or Wedding day? These 100 activity ideas can help you plan a unique to you experience that you love, full of lasting memories you never want to forget. Whether it be incorporating bucket list items such as skydiving or favorite past times such as wine tasting – do not hesitate to create the day of your dreams.

Gone are the days where a traditional wedding is the only option. From Adventure Elopements, Wedding Weekends and Destination Weddings to Eloping on the Oregon Coast and any other variation – the sky really is the limit to your Wedding or Elopement.

Myrtle Creative Co. 100 Activities for your Elopement or Wedding Day.

Celebrate your special day

At it’s heart, what makes your day special and important is that you are marrying your best friend. However what makes your wedding day even more special special is celebrating this moment in your relationship. You don’t want to just legally get married and call it a day. This is meant to be a special day and your marriage is worth celebrating!! The question is how do you two wish to celebrate? What do you love to do? What is special to you?

Create your ‘Must Have’ list

If your day is not going to feel complete or special without a first dance, and sharing dessert together – no problem! Reception or not, those activities are easily accomplished in a variety of ways! If including all your family and friends is a huge must on your day – then include them all! Your day should be unique and special to you both. It is great to have your ‘must have’ list determined from the start and if you haven’t yet, now is a great time to chat with your fiancé about your combined ‘must haves’ for your wedding day. What will make it special for you both? Once you have your list, bring these ideas to your planner, photographer and full vendor team. They can definitely help in bringing your dreams to life!

Myrtle Creative Co. 100 Activities for your Elopement or Wedding Day.

Create your Dream Day list

At this time you ideally have your ‘Must Haves’ list that you have created with your partner. Great! Now it’s time for one more list to create with your partner. For this list, you get to answer the question: What would be the most amazing day together? What would be included? What would it look like? I refer to this as your ‘Dream Day’ list because it can be so fun to brainstorm together and see what your joint dream day could look like.

Now that you have two lists – your ‘Must Haves’ list when you think of your wedding day and then your ‘Dream Day’ list when given free reign on what an awesome day together could look like… do you see overlap? Do you see ways to incorporate part or all of your dream day list into your wedding day? Or perhaps some other variation?

Permission to Focus on You

I want to take a moment to mention, in case it has not already been mentioned to you during your planning process, do know that you should be able to have whatever kind of wedding day that you both want. This is meant to be a celebration for you. You have permission to focus on you. You can include or not include guests of your choice. Truly – your wedding day is about you both and any compromising that may be taking place is hopefully between you two only. 😉

Incorporating True-to-You Activities into your Day

Planning your day with your lists in hand will hopefully shed an entirely new light on what your unique wedding day can look like and include. By keeping your dream day activities in mind, you can begin seeing how you can incorporate them into your day while not compromising your must haves (ideally). Of course, compromises may have to be made here and there but do not hesitate to reach out to your vendor team when it comes to brainstorming how to incorporate some unique activities. I especially love helping couples create their dream day! There is usually a way! 🙂

Choose activities that you two love! Have your own adventure – whatever that may look like! Have you always wanted to go sailing? Include a captained sailing trip or do a sunset cruise! Do nostalgic arcade games, sharing an ice cream sundae and taking a sunset stroll sound like the best activities to add to your day? Do it! Looking for gorgeous vistas but not interested in a hike? Not a problem! There are always some vista options with little to no hiking required. If your dream includes more than what you can feasibly fit into your actual wedding day, then include it in the honeymoon or turn your wedding day into a wedding weekend with loved ones! The options are endless!

Myrtle Creative Co. 100 Activities for your Elopement or Wedding Day.

Quick Note:

The activities below are ideas that can be incorporated into your day, day after, weekend, or more. What you will not see listed are the ‘traditional’ activities that make up an Elopement or wedding day (Prep, First Look, Ceremony, etc.). For complete Timeline examples, see further below.

100 Activities for your Elopement or Wedding Day

  1. Air Tour
  2. Amusement Park/Fair
  3. Arcade Fun Time
  4. Backpacking Trip
  5. Bar Hopping
  6. Beach walk
  7. Bicycle Ride
  8. Bird Watching
  9. Board Games/Game time
  10. Boating
  11. Boogie-Boarding
  12. Brewery Tour
  13. Bungie Jumping
  14. Campfire time
  15. Camping Weekend
  16. Champagne Pop & Toast
  17. Chase Waterfalls
  18. Dance in the rain
  19. Deep-sea fishing
  20. Dirt Biking
  21. Drive-In Movie Theater
  22. Ecotourism
  23. Enjoy Dessert Together
  24. Escape Room
  25. Explore a National Park
  26. Farm to Table Experience
  27. Farm U-Pick
  28. Ferry Ride
  29. First Dance
  30. Fishing
  31. Float Plane ride
  32. Geocaching
  33. Get Couple’s Tattoos
  34. Glass blowing
  35. Go-karts
  36. Golfing
  37. Guided Experience
  38. Guided Hike
  39. Hang Gliding
  40. Happy Hour
  41. Helicopter Ride
  42. Hiking
  43. Horseback Ride
  44. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  45. Hot Springs
  46. Hot Tub time
  47. Ice Skating
  48. Jet Skiing
  49. Karaoke
  50. Kayaking
  51. Kite Boarding
  52. Laser Tag
  53. Listen to a Live Band
  54. Live Wedding Painting
  55. Microbrew Tasting
  56. Motorcycle Ride
  57. Mountain Biking
  58. Off-roading
  59. Paintball
  60. Picnic
  61. Play Mini-Golf
  62. Popcorn & a Movie
  63. Private Tour of Scenic Location
  64. River Float on an Inner Tube
  65. River/boat Cruise
  66. Road Trip
  67. Rock Climbing
  68. Roller Skating
  69. Romantic Getaway in an Airbnb
  70. Sailing
  71. Scavenger Hunt
  72. Scooter Ride
  73. Scuba Diving
  74. Share a meal together
  75. Sight-seeing
  76. Skateboarding
  77. Skiing
  78. Skinny dipping
  79. Skydiving or i-fly
  80. Sleigh Ride
  81. Snorkeling
  82. Snowboarding
  83. Snowshoeing
  84. Stand up Paddle Boarding (SUP)
  85. Stargazing
  86. Stay in a Treehouse
  87. Stroll through a Park
  88. Sunrise watching
  89. Sunset watching
  90. Surfing
  91. Swimming
  92. Train Ride
  93. Voluntourism
  94. Wake Boarding
  95. Water Skiing
  96. Whale Watching Tour
  97. Whitewater Rafting
  98. Wind Surfing
  99. Wine Tasting
  100. Zip Lining
Myrtle Creative Co. 100 Activities for your Elopement or Wedding Day.

Example Timelines

Not sure how to incorporate some of these into an Elopement or Intimate Wedding day? Here at Myrtle Creative Co., I love working with you to put together Itinerary ideas for your specific day and I Would love to chat! Here are some example timelines to get you started:

Photos from the example timeline below that was an actual timeline used.

Example Timeline for the Oregon Coast

Specific example for August on the Oregon Coast with couple and approximately 8 guests.

3:45PMGroom Prep
4:05PMBride Prep
4:25PMBride to be getting into dress by
4:40PMGroom to be at First Look location
4:45PMFirst Look, followed by couples’ photos
5:00PMBride + Groom to have a few moments prior to ceremony for final touch up. Great time to hydrate, have a snack and refresh
5:10PMCeremony begins at beach in front of Airbnb
5:30PMCeremony complete approx.,
5:35PMSigning of Marriage Certificate
5:40PMFun group photos with friends
5:55PMTime to bustle dress if needed. Prep for dinner.
6:45PMPrep for departing the Airbnb
6:50PMGroom + Bride to Depart Airbnb for other beach location
7:00PMArrive other beach location for sunset adventure time. >First Dance above the ocean >Explore the sand dunes >Watch your first sunset together as husband and wife >Walk on the beach and have fun!
8:00PMGroom + Bride to Head back to Airbnb (approx.)
8:06PMArrive back at Airbnb to re-join guests >Dessert with friends! >Sparkler time on the back deck with friends! >Change and relax for beach campfire time with friends!
8:45PMOfficial end of Photography time
Myrtle Creative Co. 100 Activities for your Elopement or Wedding Day.
Example timeline below is for an October Sedona adventure, while this photos is from a winter elopement in Sedona with temps in the upper 20’s. As with any wedding day, do keep weather in mind when planning!

Example Timeline for Sedona, AZ

Specific example for October with couple and guests throughout a full day and day after sunset adventure session.

6:00AMPhotography time begins Hot air balloon liftoff location >Sunrise hot air balloon ride begins with couple only
>Bring a breakfast picnic!
9:30-10:00AMSunrise Hot air balloon ride ends approximately >Celebratory champagne toast upon completion
10:30AMReturn to Prep area for break + perhaps a nap *Photographer leaves you at this time to rejoin in early afternoon so you can fully relax!
2:00PM*Photographer returns! Prep Time >Swap between each of you
3:00PMFirst Look!
3:15PMPrep for off-road tour before Ceremony with guests
3:30PMPicked up by Pink Jeeps for off road tour/trip to ceremony site
4:30PMCeremony at designated location
5:00PMCeremony complete, approximately. Pink Jeeps pick-up and continue tour with guests to sunset location
6:00PMArrive to sunset location by this time
6:30PMBack in the jeep to return to town for dinner!
7:00PMDinner with guests!
7:45PMFirst Dance under twinkle lights
7:50PMGather guests for sparkler photo fun to end the evening.
8:00PMOfficial end of Photography time
Day After 
3:30PMMeet up at trailhead for sunset hike in the red rock
3:45PMBegin hiking >Make sure to have headlamp, water, dinner snacks >Change of clothes, layers
4:00-5:30PMAlong the hike up we will stop for some photos, and enjoy the scenery.
6:00PMEnjoy dinner snacks at the top, refresh and explore while enjoying golden hour and sunset time.
6:30-6:40PMBegin hiking back down
7:30PMReturn to parking lot and say goodbye! Official end of Photography Time
Myrtle Creative Co. 100 Activities for your Elopement or Wedding Day.
2019 Farmstay Yurt Elopement at Thiselle Farm Stay in Yacolt, Washington

Example Timeline for SW Washington at a Farmstay

Specific example for October with couple only and vendor team at Thiselle Creek Farmstay yurt airbnb.

3:00PMPhotography time begins
Couple’s Prep together
4:20PMChampagne pop!
4:25PMRoam around the farm
4:45PMGroom + Bride to depart to nearby river/bridge area to explore
5:00PMTime to explore! >Check out the bridge, waterfall and riverside
5:45PMHead back to Airbnb Yurt
6:00PMReturn to yurt Airbnb to relax >Desserts >Song time (these two are musicians and singing to each other was the sweetest thing and something they wanted to include.)
6:30PMChange into cozy clothes for continued relaxing time >Wine + snacks >Cozy game time! >Enjoy popcorn and get ready for a movie night.
7:00PMEnd of Photography Time
Myrtle Creative Co. 100 Activities for your Elopement or Wedding Day.

Next Step

I hope this has been helpful to you for your own day! Whether you are planning a snowy winter elopement that includes snowshoeing to a hot springs, or a summer beach wedding that includes ‘beach hopping’ and exploring all there is to offer in the area of your choice – do it! And also, don’t hesitate to let your vendors know you want to do something unique and chat about some options.

And finally, do bring your photographer along (me)! 😉 You don’t want to miss out on having these special moments captured and I love being your unofficial tour guide as needed! Are you ready to chat about ideas for your day? Would love to put together custom examples for you! Reach out here. Ready to plan your Elopement or Intimate Wedding Day? Check out my Four Step Elopement Guide here.

Myrtle Creative Co. is your Intimate Wedding and Elopement Photographer for love + adventure. Ann Marie provides custom planning assistance, vendor referrals, itinerary creation and so much more so you can have the day of your dreams. Reach out today for your Wedding Photography needs!

  1. Rose says:

    So many great ideas! Lots of things to do to make the day special 🙂

  2. This is likely the most helpful blog I’ve ever read about elopements. It is so important to have activities planned so the day is spend with quality time for the couple and amazing photo opportunities! And this photos are amazing!!!!

  3. Evelyn says:

    Man this is great! Love the example timelines, makes it super duper easy for the couples to see what’s possible!

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    Great ideas for a fun elopement activity. Could also use these for a fun date, too! Thanks for sharing your expertise!

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    Wow this is super unique and well thought out! A lot of us have NO idea that the day can be literally whatever we want so this is super helpful!

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    I love all of the great ideas that you have on this list. It will absolutely spark some super fun shoots!

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    I absolutely LOVE it when couples incorporate something different on their wedding day making it their own! You listed SO MANY great ideas for them to think about. Very thorough and informative!

  8. Kat says:

    You put lots of great ideas and timeline examples into this. Super useful!

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