National Park Adventure Elopements are amazing and always encouraged! Bill and Kelsey chose Glacier National Park for their adventure elopement because it was a destination they had always dreamed of exploring together.

Glacier National Park Adventure Elopement | Bill + Kelsey

Myrtle Creative Co. Mt. Hood National Forest Elopement

This Mt. Hood National Forest Elopement checks all the boxes for the quintessential Pacific Northwest Forest Elopement. Alexandra + Vanessa’s day was nothing short of magical.

Mt. Hood National Forest Elopement | Alexandra + Vanessa

These 100 activity ideas can help you plan a unique to you experience that you love, full of lasting memories you never want to forget.

100 Activities for your Elopement or Wedding Day

Myrtle Creative Co. Planning Your Elopement

Congratulations on your engagement and your upcoming elopement! This guide is meant to help in the beginning, early stages of Elopement Planning to cover some of the basic planning steps – the Who, What, Where, & When. This does assume that you have already made the decision to have an Elopement vs. a larger wedding. […]

Planning Your Elopement

Myrtle Creative Co. Eloping on the Northern Oregon Coast

Planning to elope on the Oregon Coast? The Northern Oregon Coast is a gorgeous place with long stretches of sandy beaches where the coastal forest meets the Pacific Ocean. When eloping on the Northern Oregon Coast, trying to decide which beach is best can be hard. Let me share five favorite beach locations for eloping on the Northern Oregon Coast and why you might consider them for your day.

Eloping on the Northern Oregon Coast