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Eloping at Crater Lake National Park was a dream come true for Tom and Debra. They planned their day from their home state of Arizona and knew they wanted to include as many elements they love doing into their day. Creating such a unique day was so much fun! They had their dream location and their shared interests they wanted to include – fishing, card games, and enjoying nature – and it was so much fun getting to help put the pieces together and create a memorable day for them! (As an elopement and wedding photographer, I provide planning assistance for all my couples and putting together your dream day is something I love doing – reach out HERE!)

Crater Lake Adventure Elopement


Tom and Debra’s adventure elopement was primarily held at Crater Lake National Park. Crater Lake is located in south-central Oregon and the volcanic remains of Mount Mazama which erupted approximately 7,700 years ago. It is famous for its deep blue color and water clarity. If you have not been, I highly recommend! However in order to incorporate fishing, we needed to begin the day at nearby Diamond Lake where they have boat rentals available by the hour and the ODFW stocks with fish. Diamond Lake has a restaurant and resort with 1920’s rustic cabins to stay at if you’re planning on staying in this area too. Both of these locations are incredible and worth the trip if you’re coming to Oregon.


Tom and Debra’s day began at Diamond Lake where they rented a boat to go fishing together. They regularly travel and fish in beautiful locations so this was a perfect way to start their day. After a few casting attempts in various areas of the lake, Debra actually caught and released the only fish of the day – nice Debra! 😉

After enjoying the fishing at Diamond Lake, we headed back to the dock before making our way over to Crater Lake for the remainder of their day. Wildfire smoke began to roll in about this time which was a bit unfortunate as it settled in and began blocking out the beautiful views. However these two didn’t let it bother them as we made various stops around the rim as planned.

It was also important that we included a card game stop which I added some snacks to so these two could enjoy. Going camping and playing cards is another favorite of theirs that they wanted to include into their day and this was a wonderful opportunity to do so.

Their Ceremony

For their ceremony, they had requested the Discovery Point area on their permit and as the actual ‘Discovery Point’ is an area with a sign indicating it is not meant to be walked out onto, we used the nearby trail. (See the Crater Lake National Park website for ceremony permits and follow LNT while enjoying the national parks.) Their friends drove out to Oregon with them to perform and witness their private elopement (I am always happy to be a witness as well and did sign as a witness for Tom & Debra as two witnesses are needed in Oregon).

Tom & Debra made a dinner reservation to enjoy dinner at the lodge before we resumed their adventure elopement day. (Having food breaks are always a good idea so you can enjoy your day fully! Ask about how this works for your own elopement photography HERE.) Despite the smoke continuing to settle into the area, the sunset and after colors were beautiful. We climbed to a different area of the trail so they could have their first dance, enjoy the views and take in all that had taken place on their elopement day. And we stayed for a bit longer as the moon came out to finish the day.


Eloping at Crater Lake in September can be tricky as wildfire season varies each year but thankfully it worked out well for Tom & Debra. If you are planning your own Crater Lake elopement, I would recommend an August weekday or early September weekday if possible. The summer season is short at Crater Lake and you need to allow time for your permit application to be processed.

Looking for your Elopement photographer for a Crater Lake or other National Park elopement? I would love to chat! It is never too early to reach out for you own day, no matter what stage of planning you are in. You can reach out HERE.

“Ann Marie at Myrtle Creative Co. helped create an amazing elopement day…
From our first meeting with Ann Marie we knew she was the adventure elopement photographer for us. Her organizational skills were as impressive as photographs of other weddings captured through her lens. We really enjoyed the planning process with Ann Marie, she provided a detailed itinerary, recommendations for other vendors and took the time to get to know us, our likes, dislikes, hobbies and things we enjoy. This made the wedding day an absolute blast. On our elopement day there was not a time during the day that we felt stressed or uncomfortable, it was actually fun because we were doing activities that we enjoy and hanging out with our now friend, Ann Marie.
We have had so many people, friends, family, strangers fawn, gush, been in awe, impressed with the depth and breadth of our photography. The picture slide show from Myrtle Creative Co. we shared at our elopement luncheon was the hit of the lunch. So many people would stop a conversation to point out their favorite picture. The lanterns and her use of them along with the setting sun and rising moon were the most commented photos.
One of the most important things about the entire day, during the ceremony, neither Tom or myself can recall seeing Ann Marie taking any pictures, never heard the camera, she was so stealthy and secret it was amazing to see the pictures shared and never remember Ann Marie being there to take them.
We highly recommend Myrtle Creative Co. for any of your photography needs: Elopements, Weddings, engagement, family photos, etc.” -Tom + Debra

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  1. Andrea says:

    You really did an amazing job of capturing the essence of this adventurous elopement! Their day looks like it was SO MUCH FUN! I can’t stop looking at these- they are so beautiful!

  2. Molly says:

    Well I’m obsessed! Those blue hour photos overlooking the lake are out of this world!!!

  3. Clarissa says:

    This day looks like it was a blast! I love that they fished in their fancy attire and also that they planned food and breaks into their day. The smoke made that sunset color pop even more too. Stunning!

  4. Dakotah says:

    Love how personalized this Crater Lake elopement is and the Gif is so fun!

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