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When you are looking for a photographer, ‘photographic experiences’ may not be the first thing that comes to mind. You want awesome photos, right? For sure! Here at Myrtle Creative Co., awesome photos go hand in hand with a great overall experience. Photographic experiences is really our way of talking about your photography with our specific emphasis on experiences. What you will be doing and experiencing during your photography session or your day is a primary focus from the start here at Myrtle Creative Co.! No matter if you are eloping, having a full wedding, or wanting a photo session – we want to ensure you have a great photographic experience and beautiful photos so you can re-live it all again and again!

Wedding + Elopement Experiences

Experiences in general are something we are big on. For weddings and elopements, we want to know what your dream day looks like. What does it include? From all the new memories you will be making and experiencing – which moments are you most looking forward to? That way we can do our part to ensure you enjoy and experience those precious moments together with your best friend, and that they translate into awesome photographic experiences for us to capture and guide you through on your day.

Photographic Experience Ideas

Your elopement or wedding is already an incredible experience but here are a few ideas to really have this experience mindset when planning your event. For more specific activity ideas to add to your day, check out our 100 Activities for your Elopement or Wedding Day blog post.

  • Destination wedding or elopement to a dream location
  • Turn your event into a camping weekend
  • Add a day after session to go for your first hike as newlyweds
  • Spend the entire day together from start to finish
  • Choose a bucket list item you both share and make it happen
  • Private vow reading during your first look

These are just a few ideas to get you in an experience mindset when planning your event. Don’t let these ideas or others you see or hear limit you from creating your dream day with all the experiences that can make your day super unique and special to you!

Airplane Date Night with In-n-Out Burger Couple's Session in Mesa, Arizona

Photo Session Experiences

When it comes to ‘photo sessions’, we wan to know what you are looking for. Are these photos marking a special occasion like your anniversary, engagement, or anything else? What are things you enjoy doing? What does a dream date look like for you and your partner? The term ‘photo session’ makes it seem like a more stagnant process however keeping you moving is a top priority of ours. We want to create moments throughout your session to really have fun, enjoy each other’s company and maybe even exploring a new place together. This can be a great excuse for a weekend getaway or simply a date night – your call!

Photographic Experience Ideas

Turning your photo session into a unique and fun experience may depend on if they are marking a special occasion or other reason for the session. Beginning your session planning with this in mind is a great way to really customize your session fully. Make it unique to you!

  • Bring a picnic lunch or other favorite snacks to enjoy
  • Include a stop at your favorite coffee or ice cream shop
  • Don’t settle on one location – turn this into an afternoon of beach hopping!
  • Hike to a waterfall together followed by happy hour at a favorite brewpub
  • Incorporate a wine tasting or time at a vineyard
  • View an outdoor art exhibit together (if indoor, permission required in advance)
  • Camping or airbnb weekend getaway at a beautiful location
  • Explore a national park together

Again, these are just a few ideas to get you in an experience mindset when thinking of your upcoming photo session. Don’t let these ideas or others you see or hear limit you from creating a fun experience that is unique and special to you!

Make your Photographic Experience Unique to You

No matter the occasion or reason for your photography needs, we would love to learn more about you and help bring your dreams to life by creating photographic experiences for you! What are unique activities you enjoy? How can these be incorporated into your day or session? Having this mindset and turning this into an overall experience goes so much further in making these photos tangible reminders of these magical moments you love. So what are you waiting for? Let’s create a fun experience just for you!

Myrtle Creative Co. is your Intimate Wedding and Elopement Photographer for love + adventure. Ann Marie provides custom planning assistance, vendor referrals, itinerary creation and so much more so you can have the day of your dreams. Reach out today for your Wedding Photography needs!

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