Forest Wedding Venues in Oregon

The Pacific Northwest is home to some amazing forests making forest wedding venues popular here. However when I search for Forest Wedding Venues in Oregon or Washington, many of the results are not quite what I envision. It seems there are two main types of forest venues. One type is where you feel like you are one with the forest and can have your ceremony truly among the trees in the forest. The second is having a more open space with trees around it. These locations are also beautiful but might also have a garden, open grassy field, etc. and trees are here and there.

The goal of this blog post is to help those looking for one of these types of forest venues for your own Oregon wedding. Looking for forest wedding venues in Washington? That blog post is coming!

Forest Elopement at Hoyt Arboretum in Portland, OR
Redwood Deck Elopement at Hoyt Arboretum in Portland Oregon

Section One: Among the trees Forest Wedding Venues

In the Pacific Northwest, there are many wonderful woodsy wedding venues. This first category is for wedding venues where you are actually among the trees for your ceremony. This usually means that the venue has worked around existing trees rather than clear an area for the venue. Lighting wise, these venues might be more shaded and it will be darker in under the trees earlier because you are in the forest.

*Information below is accurate as of April 2023 and subject to change.

Camp Colton

Location: Colton, OR

Capacity: Up to 200

Indoor dining up to 175 people (or up to 200 people with use of back patio) at the Gathering Hall.

Cost: $3,136 – $32,585 which is a very wide range and I recommend seeing more HERE. In short pricing varies by space rented, time of year, day of week, one day vs. a wedding weekend, etc.

Loloma Lodge

Location: McKenzie Bridge, OR

Capacity: Up to 150

Cost: Price varies by the season and guest size:

High Season (June-Sept) fees are $15k/$17k/$20k (based on up to 50/100/150 guests) 

Weekday High Season weddings  are 25% OFF (Monday-Thursday) are $11,250/12,750/$15k ( with 50/100/150 ppl)

Low Season (October through May, all days of the week) fees are discounted 50% to $7.5k/$8.5k/$10k (based on up to 50/100/150)

Four add-ons available for an additional fee are: hiring our staff, inviting campers/rv’s, renting the A-tents, or adding pets.

Loloma Lodge also has lodging available onsite for approximately 30-35 in cabins & the lodge and additional room for those wanting to camp.

Camp Cedar Ridge

Location: Vernonia, OR

Capacity: 180 – 200

Cost: $3,000 – $4,000 but varies by day of the week and headcount:

$4,000 for 75+ guests
$3,500 for fewer than 75 guests
Sundays – Fridays
$3,500 for 75+ guests
$3,000 for fewer than 75 guests

Their pricing includes:

90-minute rehearsal
150 white folding chairs
18 60” round tables (seats 6-8)
Four 6” banquet tables
Parking attendant
Use of magical rustic forested ceremony stage/amphitheater & Edison light lit open-sided reception barn.

Trout Creek Wilderness Lodge

Location: Molalla, OR

Capacity: ??

Cost: $7,500 – $12,000

Weekend Rental with Lodging (F/S/Sun): $12,000 Includes Four
Sleeper Cabins (Queen Beds), Two Tipis (Queen Beds), Four Jupe
Glamping Cabins, S’More & Lil Blue Tiny Homes, 25 Belle Tents, Cedar
Sauna and Cedar Hot Tub Building, 8 Campsites, 5 RV Hookup Sites, and
Communal Lodge & River Deck. Accommodations List Here.
Off Season Rates (Mid-October to late-April) Weekend Buyout
$7,500 for venue and limited winter accommodations

Notes: Contact information:

(503) 715-1959 or (305)395-8891

Dancing Deer Mountain

Location: Junction City, OR

Capacity: Up to 150

Cost: $2,800 – $3,300

Notes: The months of May and October rent for $2800.00. The other months are $3300.00. We provide and set up tables, chairs, bar, a beautiful oak dance floor and more.

Guests love that we have an Event Center sound/music system and music coordinator. (This can save you the cost of a DJ if you know someone who can burn CD’s or download tunes on your computer.) Musicians and DJ’s can interface with our system as well. The speakers for our system are in the lodge.

The lodge is 48′ by 36′ and accommodates 150 guests. It is a beautiful log structure with cross-beam architecture. There is a little waterfall behind the lodge.

The woodland deck, which is down from the lodge, is like a small amphitheater in the woods and is used for wedding ceremonies. A cobble stone pathway leads to it.

The four restrooms are in a two story building with a balcony. The restrooms are each uniquely decorated. There is a “great room” there for the wedding party to use. We also have a private changing area for the bride or groom. There are little ponds and water features, and beautiful flower beds on the grounds. The facility is ADA accessible.

A parking attendant is included in the price. There are several acres for parking.

A large standing cooler and set up area is available for caterers or self-caterers.

Deep Woods Events

Location: Elmira, OR

Capacity: 200

Cost: Starts at $3,400

Notes: Pricing varies by guest count, and they offer $1,000 off pricing in the off season. Lots of items included in venue pricing and you can check those out HERE.

Whitewater Weddings

Location: Walterville, OR

Capacity: Up to 120

Cost: $1,500 – $3,000

Notes: In addition to options among the forest, we have a river front ceremony spot along the McKenzie River, and we are also a family owned and operated organic blue berry farm. We specialize in small intimate weddings.

Leach Botanical Garden: Covered Arbor

Location: Portland, OR

Capacity: Up to 80

Cost: $3,800 – $7,400

Notes: Their Covered Arbor space is something special and unique. It is a small covered space with the view of the trees and forest you are in. While the area leading to the covered arbor space is an open botanical garden, this ceremony site option does have a unique forest view and feel. The rest of the venue is a cultivated forest garden space combined with their tree deck – Leach is truly a unique space and great for intimate events.

The Woodlands House

Location: Sandy, OR

Capacity: 2-50

Cost: $1800 – $5800

Notes: Special note from The Woodlands House: we are not a full on events venue, but we do allow a handful of intimate events that resonate with our intention for the space. We try to be upfront that our property does have some considerable limitations, as it is located in a rural residential area and might not be the best fit for everyone. We are happy to host events that are respectful of the property and our neighbors! 

The Woodlands House also has a few requirements to note:

They require all events to hire a professional and vetted events planner in the area.

They do not allow amplified music. However a small battery powered wireless speaker for background music is permitted. 

They require event insurance coverage for events 25 persons and up (See

They require a Woodlands House representative / site manager to be on site for all events that take place at the property. And additional cleaning fees may be required depending on event details

Horning’s Hideout – Creekside

Location: North Plains, OR

Capacity: 250-700

Cost: $3,550 – $3,950

Note: Horning’s Hideout is a wonderful, expansive venue with three wedding spaces on the property. Check out their video tours on their website to really get a feel for each space and see which would be best for you and your day! Do note, that with three vast spaces, this does mean that on every given summer weekend day, there will most likely be three weddings happening on the property at once. While sound can carry, this is a very property with three unique spaces.

Skyliners Lodge

Location: Bend, OR

Capacity: 25-100

Cost: $700 (Monday-Thursday) – $800 (Friday-Sunday) per day.

Notes: For all the best information on how to reserve Skyliners Lodge, go HERE. Some tables and chairs are included for indoor use and see all their specific information linked from their page.

Smith Creek Village at Silver Falls State Park

Location: Sublimity, OR

Capacity: up to 100

Cost: Info Coming!

Pine Ridge Garden

Location: Forest Grove, OR



Notes: Newer Venue

Camp Namanu

Location: Sandy, OR

Capacity: 25-100

Cost: $10,000 (one day, no lodging) – $15,000 (includes lodging)

Notes: If having a wedding package that includes overnight lodging, this actually includes overnight lodging for up to 100 guests. Additional guest lodging available for an additional fee.

Hoyt Arboretum – Redwood Deck

Location: Portland, OR

Capacity: 25 people seated, 40 people standing

Cost: $300 (For half-day rental of either 8am-2pm or 3pm-9pm)

Notes: The Redwood Deck can be combined with the Stevens Pavilion or Wedding Meadow if wanting to have a reception as well. Find more details on their website.

Redwood Deck Elopement at Hoyt Arboretum in Portland Oregon

Hopefully this has been helpful if you have been dreaming of having your wedding among the trees in a full forest. Or if wanting a more open feel with trees around your ceremony space then this next section might be for you!

Section Two: Surrounded by Trees Forest Wedding Venues

There a lot of amazing woodsy wedding venues in Oregon. This section is for venues that have trees and forested areas but they are more surrounding the ceremony site which is usually an open, grassy area. There will be venues that blur the lines between these two sections and I will do my best to categorize them accurately but always check out your venue of choice yourself prior to booking.

The venues in this category are usually more open with the forest and trees surrounding the space but not necessarily part of the ceremony space and/or reception space. This can mean more light, and more variety. They might have a garden area, grassy fields and more.

Horning’s Hideout – Lakeside, Main Stage

Location: North Plains, OR

Capacity: 250-700

Cost: $3,550 – $3,950

Note: Horning’s Hideout is a wonderful, expansive venue with three wedding spaces on the property. Check out their video tours on their website to really get a feel for each space and see which would be best for you and your day! Do note, that with three vast spaces, this does mean that on every given summer weekend day, there will most likely be three weddings happening on the property at once. While sound can carry, this is a very property with three unique spaces.

Hawk Lake Venue

Location: Carlton, OR



See a complete wedding day blog at Hawk Lake HERE.

Reber’s Riverside

Thunder Ridge Ranch Events

Three Strands Farm

The Woods on Crooked Finger


Ron’s Pond

Vernonia Springs Glamping Camping PNW Summer Wedding Weekend in Vernonia, OR

Vernonia Springs

Cedarville Lodge

Cedar Vale Events

Honalee Forest

Veelle’s Idyllic Park

No matter what kind of forest wedding venue you are looking for, the Pacific Northwest is a great place for woodsy vibes! Happy planning and if looking for a wedding and elopement photographer who loves the forest as much as you do – feel free to reach out! Oregon native and I would love to chat!

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